Sunrise Packaging has its specialties; but we also provide a world of affiliates and opportunities to choose the best way for you to market and represent your organization through creative packaging.


Check out our many affiliates and explore all avenues we have to offer. We make a conscious and consistent effort to stay up to date on new technologies and market trends. We offer thermoforming, turned edge, and other materials manufacturing services that can be combined to make a unique packaging solution for your needs.


We do our best to provide you with the best packaging solution for your product, event, or market.



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Access to all of our manufacturing and packaging capabilities. Read about how we started as a company, contact our sales staff, and see monthly specials.


Custom Boxes

All about out boxes! View past projects and new products. Cigar style turned edge boxes, two piece set up boxes and more!


We started in plastics, and still going strong! Custom thermoforming and tooling in-house at SunPack. View our past custom plastic packaging products; blisters, clamshells, trays, and more.


Travel/ID Badges

Simply submit your artwork to our graphics department and we will make bulk name badges for events, traveling, or even name tags at the office! Choose from magnets, eco friendly materials, and other custom options.


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