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Custom Ring Binder Spine Design: Posture and Personality

Custom Ring Binder

Posture is Everything. Even in Custom Ring Binder Design


Even in the world of custom ring binders. Binders have spines just like a person. And, just like a person, they come in a variety of shapes, from rigid to relaxed. The evolution of the ring binder spine can be tracked just like the history of posture. Changing with the day-to-day needs of the modern person. Arguably, the spine is what gives the ring binder its personality. So which personality fits your own?


Standard Flat Back: The Old School Classic

Heat custom ring binder, turned edge, standard flat back, D-Ring


This custom ring binder style is the hard worker of the bunch. The sit-up-straight type. Flat back, nose to the grindstone. Plenty of room on the spine for words and names, and maximum visibility for easy reading. It will also lay flat while open, freeing up your hands for notes.


Euro-Flat Back: The Sensitive Type


semi-flat-300x191, euro-scored, euro-flat back custom ring binder, turned edge


To the untrained eye, the Euro-Flat Back custom ring binder is almost identical to its predecessor, save for the slightest edge. Literally. The Euro-Flat has a scored hinge, making for a softer, more organic edge. This feature gives this ring binder a little bit more flexibility and a distinguished look when displaying your boardroom notes or other important files.


Euro-Round Back: The Yoga Guru


euro-round back custom ring binder spine, turned edge printing


Slouching isn’t lazy anymore. Many studies point to having straight back posture as a negative. Plus, isn’t there something cool and relaxed about a slouch? The same could be said for the spine of this custom ring binder. While it may not offer the readability of the other designs, the rounded edge makes for a distinct look that really stands out. This might be the right choice for a cookbook or art portfolio; something that a person would look at standing up. While the other ring binders’ designs desire to lay open flat, the spine on this one offers the most flexibility of all.


custom ring binder, euro-round back, offset printing, turned edge


Turned edge printing and vibrant offset coloring are available on all the custom ring binder types. Embossing and foil stamping will make your hard cover binders distinct and memorable, regardless of their “posture.”



A Soft History of Hard Cover Binders

Custom Turned Edge Binders

The Trapper Keeper is probably one of the most famous hard cover binders of all time, appearing in multiple school desks and movies alike since its incursion in 1978.


Erin McCarthy recently wrote a very cool piece  for Mental Floss magazine entitled The History of the Trapper Keeper. But it got me wondering: where did it all begin?


The 3-ring binder as we know it can be traced back to the origin of loose leaf paper in 1854, although it would be another 20 years or so before they began to adapt, change, and become patented. The first innovation was going from two rings to three. This was game changer for the custom hard cover binder industry. Demand for the 3-hole punch skyrocketed.


Since then there have been several more innovations, notably the D-Ring Binder. This handy upgrade allows the paper to lay more evenly when on a flat surface. Of course, the Trapper Keeper and other customized 3-ring binder variations inevitably incorporated elements like velcro latches, pockets, and lays. Customization advances such as turned edge offset printing, and the use of hidden rivets also produced a more flawless looking exterior. And while binders like the Trapper Keeper began being made out of PVC plastic, modern products now include vinyl binders, poly binders, and even eco-binders. Eco-friendly binders are made with environment-friendly, soy based-dyes and recycled materials. The modern hard cover binder ranges in all shapes and sizes, including the Easel Binder, with extra flaps for standing upright, for presentations or menus.

Custom Easel Binder Display

With the ability to custom print, emboss, and foil-stamp your personalized hard cover binder, the possibilities are endless. While the catalog of innovations continues to grow, it is nice to remember where it all began.




For a less brief history, click here.

Eco Friendly Binders: Good for the Earth, Good for You

As far as custom packaging trends go, 2015 has so far seen a return to subtle accents and simple graphics and branding. The popularity of the “indie” spirit may be the culprit, or perhaps a quieter, less polluted canvas is just easier on the eye.


Speaking of less polluted, eco friendly seems to be a major buzzword of 2015 (as well it should!) Now more than ever, customers and business owners alike expect earth conscious printing. And with environmentally safe custom printed binders, your next business meeting can be ahead of the curve.


Eco friendly binders are made of a recycled material that is 100% biodegradable–that’s basically the business equivalent of using reclaimed wood! They are also printed with a soy-based ink, which breaks down naturally and faster than traditional inks. Aqueous coatings, free of VOC, can give your binders that polished look that you never knew you could get out of an environmentally sound product–so all your custom printing needs can be met without sacrificing what’s important! Don’t choose between an elegant, detailed binder design and making the socially conscious choice–have both!


Do the right thing, both environmentally and for your business, with custom-printed, turned edge binders that are both stunning and safe for the environment!



Custom Turned Edge Binders to Build Brand


Build Your Brand With High Quality Custom Turned Edge Binders. There are several advantages designing custom turned edge binders to build your brand. Using high quality company promotional graphics for your custom turned edge binders can create attractive visual appeal of makes them look and feel more like a book establishing your company message.

Besides its practical merit of carrying significant documents and paperwork, turned edge binders have remarkable marketing value as well. Reinforce your message!

Turned Edge Wrap Around Binder



This three ring binder offers more than your standard opening hard cover binder. With  wrap around flap extending on the back side panel, the binder can be closed and keep the shape of a box or tote. This particular piece uses adhesive Velcro circles to keep the binder closed, but we have also made similar products to this that use inserted magnets. This can benefit organizations that offer large documents like product catalogs and labor manuals and need to keep them secure and together.

Wrap around binders lessen the risk of damage to the papers, as well as eliminating the possibility of lost documents. An interesting addition that adds value to a standard product can make all the difference to your clientele or employee base. At Sunrise, take advantage of this manufacturing capability by creating a branded product that will improve operations and reinforce your message.


Rigid Easel Binder Adds Display

Beckman CoulterThe binders shown here is a great example of customizable display and presentation with three ring binders. Made similar to a standard turned edge, hardcover binder this packaging solution offers organization, protection and so much more! the back panel of the piece was made especially for the purposes of standing up as the picture shows. a folded base at the bottom allows the entire binder to stand up like an easel for easy display and a unique presentation. Of course the customization doesn’t stop there; the beauty of rigid packaging solutions is the that outer wrap and graphic design are completely customizable with 4color print, debossing, embossing, and even foil stamping. Watch the video below to see this custom turned edge easel binders in action!

Qa Can Vin; Binders for Cataloging



The binder shown here is extremely useful for important documents that need to be original, printed, and stored for reference and cataloging use. The benefits of a Qa Can Vin style binder contribute greatly to protecting said documents and keeping the three ring binder in good shape for extensive use. As you can see the main difference is in the ring metal on the inside of the product. Instead of limited space with a small one or two inch ring, the metals go straight across in the spine in order to truly store that large amount of paper. An interesting concept that is useful and creative can make all the difference to a new employee, investor, or client.


Eco-Friendly Three Ring Binders



Eco-friendly three ring binders are a great way to provide employees and clients with a custom branded organization tool while building credibility as an environmentally conscious group. The binders shown here are a few samples eco-binders from Sunrise Packaging, Inc. that we manufactured using reused and recyclable chipboard and eco-conscious soy-based inks. There is no need to sacrifice customization or branding in order to create an eco-friendly way to organize various documents and manuals.

Textile Sample Binder

IMG_5387This large binder is used for large amounts of swatches, samples, and ideas for special occasion planning and interior design. Every detail for weddings, anniversary celebrations, and so on, are big decisions that (hopefully) come together to make an elaborate and memorable celebration. Because of this, party planners, designers and venues alike need to have materials and ideas readily available to please their client and make valuable suggestions. The hard cover binders shown here is branded with a custom printed wrap displaying the logo for Lintex Textiles and Interiors. This makes it easy for clients to make well-informed, confident decisions when it comes to planning their party or space. IMG_5388



Rigid Clamshell Binder

The rigid clamshell binder is a wonderful solution if you can’t decide between a box or a three ring binder. With this versatile packaging solution, you get the best of both worlds! The construction of this item comes in handy for marketing kits, welcome packages, and especially educational applications. Further customize the rigid binder with full color process print to show your branding, or even just to make the educational unit that corresponds with the binder. Custom turned edge offers rigid protection to the documents are workbooks that are the most important to you. By keeping the contents of the binder enclosed in a box-like package, you further protect documents from falling out or getting damaged. A wonderful way to contribute to these packaging solutions is to include something special that corresponds with the set of documents- with marketing kits and welcome packages, its a great opportunity to include a useful USB flash drive as a giveaway, or even an extra notebook with your branding.