Eco Friendly Binders: Good for the Earth, Good for You

As far as custom packaging trends go, 2015 has so far seen a return to subtle accents and simple graphics and branding. The popularity of the “indie” spirit may be the culprit, or perhaps a quieter, less polluted canvas is just easier on the eye.


Speaking of less polluted, eco friendly seems to be a major buzzword of 2015 (as well it should!) Now more than ever, customers and business owners alike expect earth conscious printing. And with environmentally safe custom printed binders, your next business meeting can be ahead of the curve.


Eco friendly binders are made of a recycled material that is 100% biodegradable–that’s basically the business equivalent of using reclaimed wood! They are also printed with a soy-based ink, which breaks down naturally and faster than traditional inks. Aqueous coatings, free of VOC, can give your binders that polished look that you never knew you could get out of an environmentally sound product–so all your custom printing needs can be met without sacrificing what’s important! Don’t choose between an elegant, detailed binder design and making the socially conscious choice–have both!


Do the right thing, both environmentally and for your business, with custom-printed, turned edge binders that are both stunning and safe for the environment!



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