Binder Spines

With Sunrise Packaging, you can customize every aspect of your binder from the external print to the ring metal that holds your documents. The spine of the binder is very important to how you want your information to display and set on the shelf. Read about the following binder spines we can produce.


These are generic terms we work with – contact Sunrise Packaging for manufacturing details, or request a quote to get started on your project today!


standard-300x191Standard Flat Back

A traditional style ring binder spine constructed of 3-piece board with sharp corners. When lined on a shelf, these binders will have a flat appearance making any print or text on the spine easy to read and locate. When opened, this binder will lie flat making it easy to read hands free.

Euro-Round Back

A modern style spine that is scored several times to give a contemporary look for your ring binder. Different from the standard three panel binder, this spine is scored many times to create a rounded effect. This protects the spine from wear and tear while adding an element of content flexibility. While the binder will not lie flat when opened, it is capable of holding more than a standard binder’s capacity.

semi-flat-300x191Euro-Flat Back

This ring binder spine is similar to a standard flat back spine but has a scored hinge creating a softer edge. This spine style combines the best of both worlds. It offers the neatness and flat surface provided by the standard spine and the flexibility provided by the euro-scored process. This binder will lie flat, display spine graphics, and allow for extra content.