Turned Edge Binders

Turned Edge BindersTurned edge binders have a longer shelf life than standard vinyl binders. Because of their durable construction they are capable of lasting much longer, withstanding repetitive use, and can be designed to hold a lot of weight.


Custom Turned Edge Binder Features:
  • We can digitally or offset print the covers economically. When color matching is imperative, offset printing gives the most accurate results.
  • Cover material can range from paper, cloth, leather, fibers
  • You can also add pockets and adhesive trays to your binder
  • We offer many turned edge styles to choose from round back, flat backed, horizontal or vertical orientation, tri-fold portfolio flaps and easel stand styles.

Now you should have a better understanding of what turned edge is and the process of making turned edge products. Turned edge can be applied to a variety of packaging solutions. When a project requires a more professional look and a more durable material, turn to turned edge. There are many advantages to turned edge manufacturing such as; a wide variety of materials to choose from, fully customizable artwork, durable end product, and flexible dimension capabilities.
By creating a custom turned edge binders, you allow yourself the opportunity to have a packaging solution unique to your organization. Request a quote today for your next project!



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