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Custom Turned Edge Binders to Build Brand


Build Your Brand With High Quality Custom Turned Edge Binders. There are several advantages designing custom turned edge binders to build your brand. Using high quality company promotional graphics for your custom turned edge binders can create attractive visual appeal of makes them look and feel more like a book establishing your company message.

Besides its practical merit of carrying significant documents and paperwork, turned edge binders have remarkable marketing value as well. Reinforce your message!

Turned Edge Wrap Around Binder



This three ring binder offers more than your standard opening hard cover binder. With  wrap around flap extending on the back side panel, the binder can be closed and keep the shape of a box or tote. This particular piece uses adhesive Velcro circles to keep the binder closed, but we have also made similar products to this that use inserted magnets. This can benefit organizations that offer large documents like product catalogs and labor manuals and need to keep them secure and together.

Wrap around binders lessen the risk of damage to the papers, as well as eliminating the possibility of lost documents. An interesting addition that adds value to a standard product can make all the difference to your clientele or employee base. At Sunrise, take advantage of this manufacturing capability by creating a branded product that will improve operations and reinforce your message.


Rigid Easel Binder Adds Display

Beckman CoulterThe binders shown here is a great example of customizable display and presentation with three ring binders. Made similar to a standard turned edge, hardcover binder this packaging solution offers organization, protection and so much more! the back panel of the piece was made especially for the purposes of standing up as the picture shows. a folded base at the bottom allows the entire binder to stand up like an easel for easy display and a unique presentation. Of course the customization doesn’t stop there; the beauty of rigid packaging solutions is the that outer wrap and graphic design are completely customizable with 4color print, debossing, embossing, and even foil stamping. Watch the video below to see this custom turned edge easel binders in action!

Retail Recipe Binder

This project is a repeat job that we were able to complete for the series cook book entitled; 100 Men Who Cook. The three ring binder has a standard, flat spine with a silver ring metal inside. A turned edge product, this binder uses custom printed wraps, rigid chipboard, and a thin die-cut foam. The foam is wrapped with the chipboard to give the exterior of the binder little give without sacrificing the integrity of the package itself. The best part about using three ring binders to hold recipes and cook books, is the versatility that accompanies reusable binders. Simply take out a recipe you want to use or share, and insert it right back in the book where it belongs– simple as that!

Display with Custom Easel Binders

Turn a standard three ring binder into an opportunity to present with custom branded easel binders! Simple to manufacture, turned edge or rigid binders are already sturdy in construction so standing them up is a breeze. We found this easel binder in our archive of samples and it came complete with all of the good stuff in side. As you can see, the easel displays each page, making it easy to turn from one to the next in a presentation. This customer thought ahead and used color to categorize the documents and liven up the presentation. The easel extensions at the bottom stay together with adhesive Velcro, and the whole piece folds together into one, compact binder.

Ring Metal Exposed Rivets

custom bindersAs a custom manufacturer, every small detail makes a big difference.. For boxes, binders, albums, and more, all measurements, color-matching, and printed details need to synchronize in order to create a high-quality unique solution. The same goes for three ring binders. Any product made with a ring metal needs to be determined whether or not the rivets are exposed. Most common with our turned edge, or hard cover binders, exposed rivets are not unattractive, but must be considered in the design process. Keeping artwork and custom applications free and clear of where rivets are (for any kind of binder) is imperative in order to end up with a flawless custom piece.

Standard Flat-Back Vinyl Binder

custom vinyl binderThis custom vinyl binder is just as unique and dependable as our previous binder posted, even thought there are distinct material and construction differences. For example, this 3 ring binder is made entirely with rigid chipboard and stock white vinyl. An additional clear overlay is added to the original piece in order for our customer to easily add their graphic design. Once custom artwork is printed and cut, it is ready to be inserted and heat sealed into the binder. Vinyl is an incredibly durable material that has a professional, protective finish. Another big difference between this binder and the previous, is the spine construction. It is not Euro-scored, but has a standard flat-back binder spine. This allows the piece to open and lay flat- very practical for sedentary use at a desk or table. Inside pockets are part of the manufacturing process and made with the same white vinyl that covers the binder.



Euro-Scored Hard Cover Binder

Turned edge, euro-scored, gloss lamination, and custom graphics- this three ring binder is a great example of how a unique, custom manufactured packaging solution can add value to the product or documents it holds. Providing three ring binders to trainees, new employees, volunteers or perspective clients ensure that the information that you provide them will not get lost in the shuffle. Depending on the amount of content, there are different options available for an internal ring metal as well as the spine scoring process. The binder pictured here has a rounded euro-scored spine which is perfect for a medium to large amount of paper, and can stay open when held in one hand. This feature is useful when using the binder for presentation or speaking. The turned edge binder gives the look and feel of a nice hard copy book, with customer supplied graphic artwork and adding a gloss lamination this binder will look sharp and stand out on the shelf.

Large Scale Catalog Binder

Catalog BinderThree ring binders can be customized for all shapes and sizes. Luckily, with custom manufacturing, whatever the amount of documents you need to organize, a custom manufacturer is your best bet. For example, the binder pictured here is a large sized catalog binder capable of holding a large stack of papers. With over 4 inches on the spine, the catalog binder is the perfect solution for long histories of documents, training manuals, important procedures, and more. Of course, these binders may be in storage growing slowly over the course of many years it is important that they are clearly marked by purpose and company. By utilizing screen printing, this particular binder does just that. Add different accessories according to your needs such as business card holders, inside pockets, or even adhesive disc sleeves for enhancing the entire package.